There's No Remained

I feel frozen dancing between days rug
when I start hope with angry scream
and in blurred I saw time shadow ago appear between trot out
still with memories slow motion counts one after another faces without sin
longer incising smarting in trip palm
now return me trapped in empty word resemble dream
not can i am awaken although your screams solve quiet
really i am not authority again to holding back…

what want I dreaming also more illusion
in wriggle hindrance struggle more huddle
warriors that tired now can’t moving again
they tired with empty fantasy. no more fluctuation
now my soul lost groans to ask cemetery
but one span even also there is no remained to I cultivate again new seed
is that regret…? then what is this…?
because days now not again leave over space

may be now moment it I must be borned to return
in new world more foreign
leave conflict remainder in step yesterday
may be time has come other warrior has taked over my character
although with smarting I must carry a sword stab in the heart of hope
but at least I incise colour
I hope they know that still a lot not yet seen
although sometimes look at illusion cheats inner

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